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Signs of a Learning Disability

As a parent, it is often difficult to know when it is time to seek a learning evaluation for your child. We are here to help! A consultation with one of our experts can help you determine when and what types of evaluations might benefit your child. Below are some common red flags for learning disorders at different ages and stages.

Children who learn easily will also experience some of these things from time to time.  As parents and educators, the time for action is when you see several of these characteristics and notice that they persist over time. If you are worried, do not wait. Early intervention with needed supports or therapies can make a tremendous difference for a child. The sooner you understand your child’s needs, the better.

Bailey Majeski performs a learning evaluation with a young girl at the Learning Evaluation Center in Littleton, Colorado


  • Trouble saying words clearly
  • Often unable to find the right word
  • Trouble learning colors, shapes, numbers, ABC’s
  • Difficulty cutting and coloring
  • Trouble with buttons and zippers
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Difficulty rhyming words
  • Difficulty with routines and instructions

Ages 5-9

  • Trouble learning letter sounds
  • Difficulty blending sounds to make words
  • Difficulty remembering sequences and telling time
  • Confuses early words in reading and spelling
  • Impulsive, difficulty planning
  • Difficulty understanding math; relies on memorization
  • Consistently inconsistent school performance
  • Avoids writing, coloring and art
  • Trouble with verbal instructions
  • Restless and easily distracted

Ages 10-13

  • Avoids reading aloud
  • Dislikes writing and reading
  • Difficulty with open-ended questions and word problems
  • Trouble making friends and keeping friends
  • Inconsistent day-to-day performance
  • Problems organizing bedroom, homework, backpack
  • Difficulty with class discussions
  • Awkward pencil grip
  • Poor handwriting
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Limited recall of math facts

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