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Tests We Administer

Testing is customized based on the goals of the evaluation as well as the student’s unique learning profile. We offer a broad array of tests that allow our team the opportunity to understand your child and focus on your areas of concern.

Dr. Costello performs a learning evaluation with a young boy at the Learning Evaluation Center in Littleton, Colorado


We will administer one of the following:

  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, 4th Edition (WPPSI-IV) 
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5th Edition (WISC-V)
  • Wechsler Adult Scale of Intelligence, 4th Edition (WAIS-IV)
  • Differential Ability Scales, 2nd Edition (DAS-2)

Executive Functioning

To assess for ADHD and executive functioning, we offer the following:

  • Delis Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS) 
  • NeuroPsychological Assessment, 2nd Edition (NEPSY-II)
  • California Verbal Learning Test, Children’s Edition (CVLT-C)
  • Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, 2nd Edition (BRIEF-2)
  • Conners-4
  • Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales (Brown EF/A)


We offer the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement, 4th Edition (WJ-IV), the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, 4th Edition (WIAT-IV) and the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, 3rd Edition (KTEA-3) for broad academic testing.

  • Reading tests may include the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, 2nd Edition (CTOPP-2), Gray Oral Reading Tests, 5th Edition (GORT-5), the Test of Word Reading Efficiency, 2nd Edition (TOWRE-2) and the Test of Early Reading Ability, 3rd Edition (TERA-3).
  • Math tests include the Test of Mathematical Ability, 3rd Edition (TOMA-3) and the Test of Early Mathematics Ability, 3rd Edition (TEMA-3).
  • Writing tests include the Test of Written Language, 4th Edition (TOWL-4) and the Test of Early Written Language, 3rd Edition (TEWL-3).


Ratings of social and emotional functioning may include:

  • The Behavior Assessment Scale for Children, 3rd Edition (BASC-3)
  • Children’s Depression Inventory, 2nd Edition (CDI-2)
  • Screen for Child Related Anxiety Disorders (SCARED)
  • The Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children, 2nd Edition (MASC-2)


In addition to a more in-depth developmental interview, which may include the Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (ADI-R), we often use the following:

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition (ADOS-2)
  • Social Responsiveness Scale, 2nd Edition (SRS-2)
  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, 3rd Edition (Vineland-3)


Motor tests may include:

  • The Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, 2nd Edition (BOT-2)
  • The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, 6th Edition (Beery VMI)
  • The Screener of Handwriting Proficiency and the Sensory Processing Measure, 2nd Edition (SPM-2)


Speech/Language assessments may include:

  • The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, 5th Edition (CELF-5)
  • The Social Language Development Test-Elementary: Normative Update (SLDT-E: NU)
  • The Social Language Development Test – Adolescent: Normative Update (SLDT-A:NU)
  • The Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language, 2nd Edition (CASL-2), the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS)
  • The Test of Language Development: Primary, 5th Edition (TOLD:P-5)
  • The Test of Language Development: Intermediate, 5th Edition (TOLD:I-5)
  • The Test of Expressive Language (TEXL), the Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language, 4th Edition (TACL-4)
  • The Listening Comprehension Test, 2nd Edition (LCT-2)
  • The Test of Problem Solving-Elementary, 3rd Edition: Normative Update (TOPS-3E:NU)
  • The Test of Word Finding, 3rd Edition (TWF-3)
  • The Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test, 3rd Edition (LAC-3)
  • The Symbol Imagery Test, the Children’s Communication Checklist-2nd Edition (CCC-2)
  • The Test of Narrative Language, 2nd Edition (TNL-2)
  • A language sample

Articulation/Phonological Processing evaluations include:

  • The Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation, 3rd Edition (GFTA-3)
  • The Kahn-Lewis Phonological Analysis, 3rd Edition (KLPA-3)
  • The Secord Contextual Articulation Tests (S-CAT)
  • A language sample
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