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Dr. Costello performs a learning evaluation with a young boy at the Learning Evaluation Center in Littleton, Colorado

Psychoeducational Evaluations & Learning Assessments

Our experts will guide you to the most appropriate evaluation given your child’s unique learning profile. Most evaluations begin with a parent intake meeting, followed by in-person evaluation sessions with your child and then a feedback session to share findings and recommendations. A detailed report of your child’s results and recommendations will also be provided.

Psychoeducational Evaluation

This is our most common evaluation, and it includes a full review of cognitive and achievement performance, executive functioning skills and social/emotional behaviors. It also helps to diagnose specific learning disabilities or challenges that make learning difficult such as ADHD, anxiety or 2e.

School Admissions Evaluation

Many schools require specific cognitive and academic evaluations as part of their admissions process. This evaluation includes a brief report and personal feedback session to help you understand the results.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation

This evaluation provides autism-specific evaluations to help diagnose ASD. It is often added to the psychoeducational, occupational therapy and/or speech evaluations for a more comprehensive report.

Full Occupational
Therapy Evaluation

This evaluation examines fine and gross motor skills and possible sensory processing needs.

Motor Evaluation

This evaluation focuses on handwriting and fine motor skills.

Language Evaluation

This evaluation examines receptive and expressive language skills, which may also include articulation.

Speech/Articulation Evaluation

This evaluation reviews production of speech sounds.

Who Uses LEC Evaluations?

  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
  • Diagnostic Evaluations for Pediatricians or Psychiatrists
  • Families Seeking to Understand their Children Better
Dr. Tolinski performs a learning evaluation with a teen girl at the Learning Evaluation Center in Littleton, Colorado

Fee Structure

Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation – $3,250 or as quoted
Psychoeducational Evaluation – $2,950
School Admissions Evaluation – $1000
Speech/Language Evaluation – $750
Articulation Evaluation – $450
Pragmatic Language Evaluation – $450
Occupational Therapy Evaluation – $500
Handwriting and Visual Motor Evaluation – $325

Clients are welcome to privately pursue reimbursement through health insurance and request a superbill to submit to insurance. However, we do not invoice health insurance companies directly.

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