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Building Strengths, Reducing Challenges

When we work with students and families, our goal is always to build on a student’s strengths and reduce their challenges. We want to ensure that each student understands their strengths and has access to the tools they need to thrive.

While every student’s learning profile is different, these are some of the strengths we like to focus on to guide our conversations:

creativity and innovation icon

Creativity and innovation

artistic talents icon

Artistic talents
(art, music, theater)

resourcefulness icon


conversation skills icon

Conversation skills

practical problem solving icon

Practical problem-solving

building and design capacities icon

Building and design capacities

leadership and collaboration icon

Leadership and collaboration

athleticism icon


advocacy icon


Here are some examples of the challenges we help families understand and address:

reading, writing or math struggles icon

Reading, writing or math struggles

slower work pace icon

Slower work pace

organization or planning issues icon

Organization or planning issues

inattention or hyperactivity icon

Inattention or hyperactivity

communication concerns icon

Communication concerns

motor skill differences icon

Motor skill differences

emotional challenges icon

Emotional challenges

independence and self care icon

Independence and self-care

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